Monday, November 4, 2013

Week One -- Platform 9 and 3/4

In class last week, our group was decided and put together. We had all chosen to bring Trisha’s board game to life. It is a Harry Potter based board game where you play a character and you are given a task to complete to win the game. We introduced ourselves within the group and Trisha started us off with a summary of what she wanted for her game. One thing she really wanted was for the players to have the freedom to move through the board and not be stuck on one path throughout the game, an idea brought up by Professor Parks. We decided that having action points for each player would give players this freedom and a series of options to use for each turn. For example, you would be able to move your character to a different room in the castle or surrounding grounds, or cast a spell. I thought that we could include curses in the game to encourage player interaction with one another. Ram came up with the idea that each player could have a special power to use in the game one time, similar to Trisha’s Gold Rush card game. Players will know who everyone is playing as, but they won’t know which task we are all assigned. Hogwarts is full of secrets and Trisha thought it would be a great idea that all our choices and actions would be based off our individual secrets. Players will be able to help or hurt each other in this game, and synergy will be a big part of play. 
As a group, we decided to come up with five characters each, along with the task that they should be given for the game. They do not have to be main characters, but they should all be related to the characters that show up in Harry Potter. Trisha said that she wanted the tasks to have a matching element where you must find a certain object in the castle to complete your task. She came up with Harry Potter looking for Gryffindor's sword to destroy the horcrux. Payal wanted us all to be able to contact each other and she said we should have a group chat or Facebook group so that we could all share our ideas even when we were not in class.
It seems that we will work well together in creating this game. We all share a common interest in Harry Potter and we want players to feel like they go to Hogwarts. We are already pretty open about our ideas and were not shy in presenting them in the group during our first day together. All of us have interesting ideas to add to the game, and we’re all bringing our previous experiences from the card games we already created. Hopefully this game will turn out as amazing as we want it to.

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